Committed to continuing and adapting the heritage and legacy of Barat College to our 21st century world.

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The Barat Education Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 2000 prior to the sale of Barat College to DePaul University.  At that time, the Foundation was charged with the development and support of innovative educational programs and services that reflected the values and educational tradition of Barat College.

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Library of Congress’s Teaching with Primary Sources

The Library of Congress’s Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program works with an educational consortium of schools, universities, libraries, and foundations to help teachers use the Library’s vast collection of digitized primary sources to enrich their classroom instruction.
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Our American Voice®

The Our American Voice® program connects middle-school students to the democratic process through active community problem-solving in a program that is engaging, interactive and grounded in real life. read more »


CiceroCicero is a new online gaming platform that uses the excitement of elections to engage and educate students in grades 7-12 about history and civic engagement.

Cicero is available free of charge to all educators participating in Library of Congress—Teaching with Primary Sources workshops and in Our American Voice.

For an overview of Cicero’s features and functions, click here for a PowerPoint demonstration. read more »